New Wood Crate Box Tables at CBTL

Spotted the few and new wood crate box tables or whatever it is more appropriately called at the The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or CBTL Abreeza branch during a recent visit with my hubby.

wood crate box coffee table at CBTL Abreeza -

We were also there in Abreeza looking for a particular design of new table cloth from a known specialty store and their department store home section after we found that tablecloth size chart that made is easier for us to find a perfect fit for a table cloth for our dining set at home plus the two tables at our simple kitchen at home. Now found it easier to measure it, what drop length one wants, and how to select the correct size. There is even a table cloth calculator depending on the size of the table may it be oval, round, rectangle or square. Plus suggested skirting sizes too. I remember when we purchased our newest fitted bed sheet, it wasn’t the right fit. Now I wish they also have a calculator for that one.

New year, new table cloths needed to replace the old, torn one we have at home. Those new crate tables in the coffee shop don’t need table cloths though. They are fresh addition to one of our fave coffee shops in the city.

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