Food Trippers Poll Question #1

Food Trippers Poll Question #1:

I would like to ask each and all of you, if there is one place you personally like best to eat and dine in Davao City where will that be and why?

Poll question will close on 11:59PM of Saturday April 25, 2015 with a little surprise for one of our lucky Facebook page liker who answers at the comment section below.

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2 thoughts on “Food Trippers Poll Question #1”

  1. Espetada – House of the Hanging Chicken. I like to dine at Espetada because of three reasons. First, their place is not pretentious. Despite its shabby appearance, it feels warm and inviting. Second, they serve the best Portugese and Turkish dish at a very low price. Third, they give this impression of leaving the place with a big tummy and a smile on your face.
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