SM Lanang Premier’s Davao Gourmet Collective 2013

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Davao Gourmet Collective at SM Lanang Premier officially opened last August 16, 2013.

SM Lanang Premier's Davao Gourmet Collective

 Poster image credit to SM Lanang Premier

Department of Tourism Region XI Regional Director Mr. Art Boncato (rightmost) graced the ceremonial toast that was hosted by SM Lanang Premier Mall Manager Engr. Mary Therese Lapena-Manalo (leftmost). In between them are the various purveyors who took part of this gastronomic event (L-R): Monica Floirendo of Barrio Burrito, Joel Rodriguez of Osvaldo’s Cakes, Carmina Del Rosario of Bangkok Wok and Crazy Cook, Morisco Ristorante Italiano, Jonathan Ramirez of JR by Jonathan’s Cupcakery, Olive Puentespina of Malagos Farmhouse, Villa Margarita, Blugre, Hog’s Breth Cafe Davao, Beko’s Biik and Tricie Pengson-Arcenas of Cellar De Boca Wine Kitchen.


It’s indeed a happy and delightful Kadayawan feast for foodies and food trippers like us who are craving for gourmet goodness which one can find in one good food exhibit in Davao City and they are available at one venue at the Atrium of SM Lanang from August 16-18, 2013. This food festival that highlights the best of Davao artisan and gourmet food this Kadayawan Festival 2013.

It was a delight to meet in person in one foodie event the people who bring delights to the tummies of foodies and foodtrippers like me with the delicious food – dishes and pastries they make that fulfill our cravings when one does a food trip around Davao City.

These are great eats from the purveyors…

After watching her mother-in-law Ms. Charita Puentespina guesting at a feature done in Malagos by Kris Aquino’s show KrisTV, it was a pleasure to meet in person the well known Davao cheesemaker Ms. Olive Puentespina of Malagos Farmhouse. Most of the artisan cheeses I have tried in restos and hotels in Davao and elsewhere in the country almost say the same “Malagos cheese!” and name their supplier as Malagos Farmhouse, a place known where “our Products. natural, farm-fresh food from our gardens, prepared by caring hands…”

There were samples of their cheeses for people to try. La Maria (bottom left of the photo above) is their version of ‘Camembert’. While the Blue Goat Cheese (bottom right photo) is a young goat cheese, mildly aged with blue mold.

They also had samples for the fresh goat cheese, so fresh they process the cheese on the same milking day, with only 3% salt. It is their take on the “kesong puti” using fresh goats’ milk.

Their mango flavored Chevre cheese (above) – French style fresh cheese, pleasantly tart and wonderfully creamy.

BLUSH Malagos cheese (above) is young semi soft cow’s milk cheese made by soaking tumbler-sized rounds in Bignay wine (also a Malagos product) before aging with both white and blue mold. This one had a strong smell.

Their blue peppato cheese.

This is what they say is the new pasalubong from Davao. I am bringing these to a few friends I hope to see in our trip to Manila soon.

Craving for dark chocolates? Try Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate Bar. Single-origin. World-class. Proudly Filipino. Made from Trinitario Cacao Beans. You may check Malagos Chocolate Facebook page at

Osvaldo’s signature blue cheese, fig and walnut cheesecake (top left), spicy dilis cream cheese frosting and lemon & basil cupcake (bottom right), and tablea truffle cake (shown in photo below) are among the delicious offerings from master baker Joel Rodriguez.

Master baker Joel made us taste his durian cake and I love it. His signature spicy dilis cupcake that Kenneth Ong made us try is an interesting experience. You must try it as well.

Osvaldo’s caramel and almond cheesecake is also a must try… thank you Natalie! It’s sweet and delicious!

I now remember my fave treats there when hubby and I visited it for the first time before were his brownies (to die for!) and his carrot cake. Osvaldo’s Cakes is located near Legaspi Suites in Paseo de Legaspi in Pelayo Street or more commonly known as Legaspi Street in Davao City.

The Crazy Cook’s Bao-Wow steamed Asian buns. These are one of the specialties of Ms. Carmina Mapa Del Rosario. We tried the two best sellers: Angus Bao (slow roasted USDA Angus beef with horseradish cream, gravy and onions) and the Bulgogi Bao (bacon bulgogi, pickled sprouts, kimchi {optional} and spicy gochujang {optional}). Gochujang is a savory and pungent fermented Korean condiment made from red chili. It’s known as hot pepper paste. We both liked the Bulgogi Bao. The Angus Bao was also good but the taste of bulgogi made us say “yum!” I want more!

Bangkok Wok of Ms. Carmina and Raffy Del Rosario was a fave Thai restaurant of ours years back offering Thai-inspired delightful dishes when they were still open here in Davao City. We would frequent that place while we were still doing our grocery at the then newly opened supermarket at Robinson’s Cybergate. Now they are into catering business.

For our lunch we bought this Kao Kluk Kapi or Bagoong Rice (P150) with sliced mangoes, dried shrimp, pork, scrambled egg and onions.

Their Thai-style braised pork that was savory and delicious.

Cellar de Boca is a Spanish-themed restaurant which is a special collaboration between Tricie Pengson-Arcenas and her husband Vince Arcenas with wine importers Bobby Basa Tenchavez and Carlo Calma Lorenzana. They exclusively serve Lagarde fine quality wines from Argentina.

Cellar de Boca’s argentine empanadas in steak and chorizo flavors.

Their steak rice using Sun Made brown rice.

Now this is something we Filipinos love…

Beko’s Biik boneless belly lechon roll! That succulent and juicy lechon de leche that is available in regular and spicy flavors.

Craving for something Mexican? Chef Monica Floirendo’s Barrio Burrito offered tacos/burritos filled with sisig and pulled pork in wraps and bowls.

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Villa Margarita owned by Chef Baby Montemayor is one of Davao’s known places to go to serving gourmet dishes.

They were offering the quattro formaggi lasagna and menudo sulipena.

JR Pastry by Jonathan’s Cupcakery by Jonathan Ramirez offers pastries and cupcakes. They have a stall at the Atrium area of SM Lanang Premier.

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Hog’s Breath Cafe Davao, the first branch in the Philippines right here in Davao City. They were serving cocktails and smoothies. They had non-alcoholic drink samples there you see in the photo below.

 ALL Photos by | All Rights Reserved

Morisco Ristorante Italiano was also part of the Davao Gourmet Collective.

Hope you were able to check out the talked about foodie event this Kadayawan 2013 at SM Lanang Premier. Thank you SM Lanang Premier, Ms. Acey Puno, Basil Cabaral and Ms. Dulce Lada, our DB President. 🙂

Till the next gourmet event this coming December in time for the festive Christmas season!

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