RBG Xplode: An Explosion of Flavors at RBG Bar & Grill

RBG Xplode Park inn by Radisson Davao

An Explosion of Flavors at RBG Bar & Grill

RBG Bar & Grill’s new offering will challenge your taste buds when it comes to how much spicy flavor you can take in. If you love spicy food, then RBG Xplode is perfect for your taste and might not be much of a challenge, instead it will be a fun set meal to share with your friends, family and food trip squad!

We came up with this innovative food promotion to give our diners an exciting meal. RBG Xplode is not just about being spicy but it is more of giving spice a unique taste” says Emelyn Rosales, General Manager.

Savor the 3 Chili Pizza, Burger Bar with 3 Spicy Sauces and Garlic Fries on the side plus a set of Strawberry Wasabi, Chocolate Labuyo and Cinnamon Donuts.

RBG Xplode Park inn by Radisson Davao

Just our secret… the pizza gives the most surprise when it comes to spice. Ms. Izza told me you may request for the spicy flavor to be lessened just in case not everyone is up to the spiciness of this meal.

RBG Xplode Burger Bar with 3 Spicy Sauces

The fries is garlic flavor and almost no hint of spiciness in it unlike the pizza.

Spicy Donuts ( Strawberry Wasabi , Chocolate Labuyo and Chili Cinnamon Donuts )

I like the cute look of the strawberry and other mini donuts! But be ready to take in the spice on top of these cuties! The cinnamon donut is a savior in case you can’t take the spice that much. Or for me, I had to go to the bar and ask for milk with lots of ice which the bartender kindly gave me.

The meal is served with a round of lychee iced tea for a price of Php 1,499.00 net per set. Enjoy the experience of the spicy flavors with a twist starting July 14 to 31, 2018.

Take the spicy challenge and join their contest. You can enjoy the RBG Xplode meal for FREE if your team of 4 people can finish the whole set meal within the 3 minutes given time. Yes you read that right!

Park Inn by Radisson Davao RBG Xplode 3 minute challenge | PR image

Your group consist of 4 persons can join RBG’s “Eating Contest”. You will be entitled to a 10% discount coupon on your next a la carte order if your team wins or even if you lose the challenge!

Dine at RBG Bar & Grill with your family and food trip friends! Let us know how you did if you took the 3 minute challenge!

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