Kaizen’s Ohana Platter

After almost a year, we were back to Kaizen Japanese Street with my boys to try the new specially made rolls they are launching in Kaizen’s Ohana Platter.

Davao Kaizen Japanese Street Dining Restaurant - Ohana Platter : Aloha Roll, Commitment Roll, Essence Roll, Vision Roll IMG_9388

Inspired by the “Ike Pono” workshop the owners experienced, the Ohana Platter consists of four rolls named after the values taught and treasured by Ike Pono.

“Through the Ohana Platter, we really wanted to share Ike Pono with you and the Ohana platter as the name suggests is a way for families to bond together sharing a good meal.” Kaizen’s owner Melissa Concha “Chang” Arandia-Zapanta said.

Chang’s husband Chef Dana Zapanta in collaboration with the Kaizen kitchen team created the 4 rolls that the Ohana Platter is made of:
Aloha Roll made up of tuna salmon, cream cheese, avocado unagi sauce, mango sauce, ebiko and green onions.
Aloha in Hawaii aside from being its customary greeting also implies a deeper meaning. It means being connected to acknowledge the person’s being and spirit.

Price: 10 to 12 pieces at P399.


Commitment Roll consists of cream cheese, spicy tuna, cucumber, sliced tuna, unagi sauce, kaizen sauce, ebiko green onions, tempura flakes. ln ike pono, commitment is a precious life value of committing oneself going through it all, whatever it takes. Price: 8 pieces at P299.


Essence Roll is made up of shredded salmon skin, cucumber, cream cheese, teriyaki sauce, furikake, black and white sesame seeds, green onions. Ike Pono teaches that essence is tinding our core, which is all good. Price: 8 pieces at P179.


Vision Roll is a mouthwatering combination of nori, crab stick, cream cheese, unagi sauce, kaizen sauce, black and brown sesame seeds and green onions. ln lke Pono, the clarity of vision comes from knowing with certainty oneself without the externals. Price: 8 pieces at P322.

The Ohana Platter which is a combination of the four new rolls is priced at P1,199. It is now available for orders at Kaizen Davao: Japanese Street Dining.

Food-wise, the Essence Rolls caught my palate’s attention because of the sauce while the Commitment Rolls also is another fave because each bite taste good altogether.

Kaizen Japanese street dining restaurant in Davao is probably the only non-buffet restaurant in town that we know that has people patiently waiting in line until now after almost a year of operations. Yes people continue to wait patiently in line for their turn to get a table, order and dine in their open or al fresco restaurant located beside Davao Wisdom in F. Torres Street. I remember our first time to dine there, we waited for around two hours. It was one of our memorable dining experiences with my boys and we got to meet the owners then.

The owners Chef Danes Zapanta and his wife are grateful for the continued patronage of Davaoeños. As a way of giving thanks to their loyal customers and to everyone who will dine on December 13, 2017 on Kaizen’s first anniversary, they will be having a Piso Roll promo. Order their Kaizen Roll for P1 only on that day. Line starts around 4PM according to Ms. Chang.

See you there!

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