CRAVE Special Chicharon at SM City Davao

Do you crave for CHICHARON? Then this is for you!

We spotted this CRAVE Special Chicharon at SM City Davao at the second floor beside Peanut World (which happens to have same owners according to the staff at Crave).

They also have branches in SM City Pampanga, SM City Marilao and SM City Clark.

Crave at SM City Davao - photo by

Yes they sell some of the food that some people especially Pinoys indeed CRAVE for…

Cebu Laman (chicharon with meat)...”The “Chicharong May Laman”. Back Fat Meat delicately cooked in oil with natural flavorings. Good for snack and its best as “Pulutan” while drinking beer.”

Wow! I really want this and I used to crave for this but had to say no for now. If you’re younger and healthier, try it! Let me know if it’s worth it, okay? *wink*

Cebu Laman (chicharon with meat) from Crave at SM City Davao - photo by

Chicken Skin“While crisp chicken skin has always been a “must” for good fried chicken, selling them separately as chicharon is relatively a new phenomenon. It boiled, sun dried and deep fried. Don’t be left behind, try it now.”

Now at one point recently I craved for this for awhile especially when I could smell someone cooking this. When we went to Papa Ching’s during our last visit there at their new location at Jazzy James Hotel, they served this at a table and my I wanted to try ot and have been craving for it since.

Chicken Skin from Crave at SM City Davao - photo by

Chicharon Bituka“Another popular variety of pork chicharon, thoroughly cleaned, blanched until desired crispiness is obtained. Bituka means intestines and, Chicharon Bituka should not be confused with Chicharon Bulaklak.”

Chicken Bituka from Crave at SM City Davao - photo by

Chicken Butchi“A crispy chicharon made from chicken throat. Cleaned thoroughly until crispiness is obtained.”

Chicken Butchi from Crave at SM City Davao - photo by

Chicken Isaw“One of the most common and well-loved chicharon. Cheap and Tasty. Made from chicken intestine. Cleaned thoroughly and deep fried until crispiness is met.

Chicken Isaw from Crave at SM City Davao - photo by

Fish Skin Chicharon“Our new and distinctive product. Made from Skin of Fish called DORY FISH. Cooked in our very own and special way. Seasoned with all-natural flavorings, NOT OILY and NO MSG added. Unlike those chicharon we are accustomed to, this chicharon gives a lot of good benefits to our health. This is really a “MUST TRY!” for you to experience a different and delightful way of eating chicharon.

Fish Skin Chicharon from Crave at SM City Davao - photo by

Do you crave for any of these chicharon? Take your pick! Let me know which. Remember though that you should know your limits when you eat these food that you crave for.

All photo credits to Product description (italicized) quoted from

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