Cafe France’s Braised Pork Bun

Cafe France NAIA braised pork bun

Cafe France’s Braised Pork Bun was what I had for my late lunch at the NAIA on our way home to Davao less than a week ago. It costs P70 and I don’t know how much it costs on other branches. When you are in the airport I have put in mind not to count the cost anymore just to be able to fill my tummy with something I like.

I was actually looking for pork asado siopao but the two stores I went to in there had no stock of it. So when I decided to go to Cafe France instead and saw this, I went for it. Too bad it was the only one left since I wanted to buy another one. I liked it and my hungry tummy found it was delicious. You should eat it while it is still warm.

I will try to find this at Cafe France in their Gaisano Mall branch. It will satisfy my hungry tummy for sure and it should.

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