Free McMuffins on McDonald’s 3rd National Breakfast Day


Free McMuffins on McDonald’s 3rd National Breakfast Day


… were given today March 9, 2015 to the first 1,000 customers of participating McDonald’s branches nationwide. There were selected branches in Manila wherein celebrities came and took part of the event like Enrique Gil, Bianca Gonzales, Alex Gonzaga and Xian Lim.

After sending our little guy to school today and coming home, I remembered about it and just casually asked the husband if he was up to going to McDo Ilustre. Among the branches listed in McDo PH’s Facebook page it was the nearest one that was listed. Bajada branch would have been the nearest but it was not listed. So to be sure we went to Ilustre to save time.


There was no line outside. It started at 6AM and it was almost 8AM when we got there.  We have never tried the first two years they did this. So I thought why not try it and I was a little hungry anyway. Plus the taxi ride to and from was free, thanks to Grab Taxi Philippines’ ongoing Davao promo. So why not try just for fun and I wanted to do something different this morning like an instant Mon-date with the hubby.

20150309_080728When we got the start of the line people suddenly came from nowhere to line up.

20150309_080744The staff of McDonald’s Ilustre who was giving out the coupons was all smile when we asked for a photo.


Hubby and I got one coupon each that has to be presented at the counter.


There weren’t too many people at that time we were there.


It was not a hassle lining up at all.


Even the police who were requested to assist also got their share of free McMuffins.


Hubby treated me to McDo’s hot choco which used to be my fave hot choco for breakfast. I wish it can be as good as it used to be the way we have loved it. *wink*

Thank you McDo Ilustre for the free McMuffins on #McDoBreakfastDay !!!

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