Crocodile Ice Cream Flavors from Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream at Davao Crocodile Park


Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream

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When in Davao, you must try the Crocodile Ice Cream Flavors from Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream at Davao Crocodile Park…

It can get so hot these days and you can always beat the summer heat with this one of a kind exotic and sweet treat that hits you right at your sweet spot available at Sweet Spot all summer long.

Last week, a day before my birthday I got a nice treat along with fellow bloggers that is, as we had a sweet treat of having a taste of freshly made artisan ice cream among them are the signature flavors of Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream. Their ice cream takes you to another level compared to the other ice cream brands. They use crocodile eggs on their selected ice cream take note which makes the ice cream’s texture creamier because of the viscosity of the crocodile egg yolk when compared to that of a chicken egg. It also has more protein from what I’ve read.

Sweet Spot Srtisan Ice Cream crocodile ice cream cover

Photo from Sweet Spot

It’s a food tripper’s experience that will make you agree that… A taste of their ice cream will definitely hit or tickle you right on your sweet spot! It’s a unique experience that you can tell your friends especially for those just visiting Davao City that you get to experience eating artisan ice cream made with crocodile eggs.

During this particular visit with DB peeps, we first got to taste Sweet Spot’s Crocodile Dragonfruit Ice Cream and Crocodile Pandan Ice Cream. You’ve got to try these new flavors !

It may have melted even before I could take a shot of it but it is still delicious and creamy. Both ice cream flavors uses crocodile eggs instead of the usual chicken eggs used in other ice cream. They are sweet – just perfect and not too sweet, delicious and really creamy that is unique from other so-called creamy ice cream I’ve tried. Both flavors sell at P70 a serving. It’s really worth the price and after all this is artisan ice cream we’re talking about that we in Davao should be proud of. Sweet Spot ice cream has been featured on TV and in print. You got to make the summer more fun and try these ice cream made with croc eggs.

We also got to try other the flavors of their ice cream served in a cone this time. These are just perfect and delicious treats to beat the summer heat!

Also these other artisan ice cream flavors from Sweet Spot and who could say no? We tasted these delicious and creamy delights as we listened to Sir Sonny Dizon share with us the crocodile oil which I am interested in the healing effects.

Going back… The Davao homegrown artisan ice cream brand welcomes a cool wave of new flavors of its famous crocodile ice cream: Pandan, Strawberry Kiss, Chocoloco, Mangomazing, Durian Dynamite, and Cookie Monster.

Now here is a must try artisan ice cream flavor at Sweet Spot! This is my fave ice cream flavor from Sweet Spot…

Hearing about the Crocodile Egg Durian Ice Cream had me curious for quite sometime since it was not available during one visit we had at the Crocodile Park Davao during the last stop of the Life is Here: The Davao Bloggers’ Tour 2012. This Davao food tripper had been wanting to try this signature ice cream flavor of Sweet Spot at Davao Croc Park.

So when I spotted the Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream stall during The Weekend Artisan Food Fair in Abreeza Mall on it’s first Saturday last November 2012 with my boys then, I finally gave this artisan ice cream a try. I loved it since and my picky little boy liked it. It has a creamy, delicious durian ice cream flavor that is unique and stands out among all durian ice cream flavors I have tasted in Davao so far. I usually and initially opt to taste all durian ice cream whenever it is available anywhere here in Davao or elsewhere.

Mr. Philip “Sonny” Dizon said that it is a must try when in Davao City at Sweet Spot located at the Crocodile Park. “The first batch of crocodile ice cream slowly made it to Sweet Spot freezers in 2011; word of mouth caused the ice cream to gain favorable response from ice cream lovers and adventurous foodies alike. A gallon of crocodile ice cream prides itself to have a dozen of crocodile eggs instead of chicken eggs.”

Their croc ice cream uses 80% crocodile egg yolk that is why it can be called among the creamiest in the world and it really hits your sweet spot. It’s creaminess tells you there is really a special ingredient in this particular durian ice cream that you would find in Davao City. It costs P70 a cup and its reasonably priced. It’s worth it and it’s an experience you can share to your foodie friends!

When you’re in Davao, you must try this ice cream… durian flavor made with crocodile eggs at a must visit destination in Davao too… the Davao Crocodile Park.

Here are the other flavors of artisan ice cream that you can try… By the way, you can order their ice cream by tub.

Davao Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream flavors

This one is called peanut brittle and caramel candy ice cream. I want to try this when it’s available.

Sweet Spot Crocodile ice cream

Photo from Sweet Spot

I also heard about their seasonal beer ice cream flavor. We’re interested to taste this as well.

Davao Sweet Spot seasonal flavors - beer ice cream

Photo from Sweet Spot

They also have the Crazy Monkey Bananas ice cream flavor that I tried before and I remember I liked that flavor too which was among their best selling flavors.

Davao Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream flavors


Chef Bianca Garcia Dizon, owner of Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream and eldest daughter of Jackie Garcia-Dizon and Philip Dizon, told us that they are planning to open up another outlet in Davao.

Davao Crocodile Park - Riverfront Maa Davao City

Sweet Spot is located at Crocodile Park, Riverfront Corporate Complex, Ma-a Diversion Road, Davao City.
You may call and inquire from them at (082) 225 0184. Also visit and LIKE their Facebook Page at Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream. You may also email them at

ALL photos by except those labeled from Sweet Spot

Thanks to Karla, Jesse, Chef Bianca and Sir Sonny Dizon!

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