Davao Food Truck: Yum Truck Express

Just when I never thought I’d find anytime soon that food truck in Davao City which we have been looking for since last year, guess what I found one out of the blue. A few days ago when we went to check out Jelly Citea to satisfy our milk tea craving, we passed by this Davao Food Truck: Yum Truck Express stationed just outside the Jacinto gate of Ateneo de Davao University.

Finally we found this truck. I am not sure though if this was the same truck we were looking for in Jacinto Street last year when we read about it in an online newspaper just as few days after it opened then. We went there last year but that said food truck according to the school guards at Ateneo Jacinto gate was no longer there.

I could not remember the name of that food truck as of this writing. It was quite a surprise to find this truck there.

Too bad we were in a hurry and already full after having lunch nearby. Though I still went closer to this food truck to check their menu.

Just as a thought about affordable marantz which I was reading about on our way there, I think their prices seem affordable and within student budget. We have yet to see the size of their servings.

If only I could still stuff more food in my tummy then, I would have tried even one of their food. I read on their Facebook that their bestseller Mexican Chicken is the dish that made them famous. We will just have to come back next time and try a few of their dishes particularly that Mexican Chicken and see how it tastes.

Where do you eat if you buy food from this food truck? You can opt to stand by the food truck or sit in one of these. I saw these boxes under a big colorful umbrella. You can sit down while eating alone or with friends while watching people, PUJs and cars passing by. *wink*

I found their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/YumTruckExpress and their Twitter account @YumTruckExpress.

Have you tried their food? How was it? Any recommendations? Hope to be back next week to try their food.

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4 thoughts on “Davao Food Truck: Yum Truck Express”

  1. Hey! Please contact us whenever you stop by again and we’ll give you a meal on us!;) looking forward to meeting up with you soon

  2. Hey Jasmine!
    As of this moment, we only have one location but catch us at the street party this upcoming March15 at Obrero, entrance is free and we’ll be there!

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