Kangaroo Coffee Company’s Grand Opening in Davao City

Last May 10, 2008 Saturday after having dinner at Lachi’s – our first time there actually, we went to the grand opening of Kangaroo Coffee Company in Tionko Street corner V. Mapa Street, Davao City. It is just in front of Sunburst Chicken House and near Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. You surely won’t miss the place with these landmarks. We received an invitation from Mr. Richard Hong, one of the owners of the new coffee shop and as we were busy during the day due to parent duties, we decided to go there in the evening instead as much as I would want to go there during the opening at 8AM. They also gave 20% discount from 7PM-9PM. There was a live band outside playing music from 3PM-11PM. It was a night of good company and music.

When we went in, there were a lot of people and when I looked around I saw the husband and daughter of my friend Jenny. They were at the adjacent store OMF Literature which also had its grand opening that day.

On the way to OMF since we have to go out to get there, H was pointing to someone outside who was smiling. I did not recognize the guy and it took a few seconds to register that it was Lester, the very friendly waiter, who mistook us as from YH another coffee shop. Hahaha don’t worry Lester we won’t take it against you. You look for Lester when you are at Kangaroo and he will give you the best service! 🙂 Anyway, here are some photos we manage to take during the opening:

This is their mini-conference room which you can have your meetings and small conferences which you can use for three (3) hours for P2,000 which is consumable. You can inquire from Kangaroo for reservations and more details.

These are their Cookie Bouquets (P250) – delicious and colorful gift for Mother’s Day or in any day to make your moms feel special!

Kanga Choco Mint Cookies which I will try next time too!

Their delicious specialty desserts: Ice Cream Roll (P110) and Mississippi Mud Ice Cream Cake (P130).

For those craving for sweet treats and delicious desserts which you can enjoy with your cup of coffee, you should take your pick here. I love their Belgian Chocolate Mousse and on my next trip there I’d like to try out their Sans Rival!

H ordered the hot Kangaccino Coffee Klassiks and I had as usual my favorite Ice Blended Espresso White Chocolate Mocha which is delicious as always!

Earlier, since there were still quite a lot of people on the counter at Kangaroo, I had a little chat with Jenny and I found out that two of her sisters are part owners of Kangaroo. I thought it’s a small world and she asked me if I was the one who blogged about Kangaroo whose link they had been passing on to friends here and abroad (so that makes sense now why that post of ours on Kangaroo had reached so many page views). Well not many of my friends knew that I was into blogging which was why I have somehow abandoned Friendster, nor that I have left from my job months back to be a SAHM. I told Jen I was not sure but maybe. Then her sister Christine joined in and we had a little chat and she confirmed it. Then we were introduced to Mark Seng, who looks very young to me and he is the marketing director if I am not mistaken. His younger brother, Aaron of SKS Interiors we met too when we went back to Kangaroo. I also met another old friend, Irene Uy who is a friend of Mark and helps them in PR and marketing. I know her way back in college and also a common friend of my friends who used to be her office mates. It is indeed nice to see familiar faces. They have been very accommodating and again very young too! Jen’s sisters were busy entertaining the guests and customers. But they have made us feel so much at home. I guess that is what makes Kangaroo Coffee Company different from the other coffee shops we have been too. This is a haven for coffee and book lovers. It indeed has a very nice and unique ambiance that makes you feel at home. If only I have no mommy duties at home maybe I would go there as often as I can and lounge for as long as I want, reading and enjoying coffee. Not just a cup of coffee but cups of coffee but hey what do you expect from a coffee lover! They use coffee beans from Mindanao. So this is basically a homegrown coffee shop that gives a new trend for all coffee shops in Davao.

We also met Richard Hong and his wife who I want to thank so much for giving me this Choco Belgian Lace! I really appreciate this token just in time for Mother’s Day the next day then. It was delicious!

And before H & I left, we got a chance for a photo opp with the owners of Kangaroo Coffee Company and this was taken by one of their very kind guest of Imagine Digital Portrait Studio (located at 3rd floor Gaisano Mall of Davao and in Bolton Street) who also gave H some tips on photography. Thank you!

Thank you all for your great accommodation!!! Make Kangaroo your new hangout in Davao for coffee and book lovers alike! Let them know you just came from Davao Food Trip and give them our best regards!

Kangaroo Coffee Company
Telephone Number: (+63 82) 222-2ROO or 222-2766
OMF Literature Inc.
Telephone Number: (+63 82) 221-3416
Ground Floor Mitaji Building
Tionko corner V. Mapa Streets
Davao City

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