Chicco Di Caffe Davao live acoustic bandI wish we could have jammed to the music played by a live acoustic band during the 5th anniversary of Chicco Di Caffe last February 28, 2014 when I got an invite from my good friend Naprey to join two other bloggers and his friend.

We arrived about an hour before the band started playing and when I saw them setting up before that I just remembered the alesis mixers at Guitar Center that I was browsing through that Friday afternoon.

The band started playing a few minutes after eight that evening. The songs they played made me reminisce and miss those times when my hubby and I have time to go out at night to chill and relax at restos offering acoustic music to entertain their guests and diners. Those were the years when we were younger.

That night we were at the cafe, we jokingly dared each other to jam and sing with the live band. Not one of us did though. We were all shy to sing up front. Maybe next time we will have more guts to jam when we have more friends with us.

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