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Grab a Crab | Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao Food Tour

logo courtesy of Grab a Crab

Grab a Crab at Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao is a place to be for food trippers who go all out for the love of crabs.

We have dined at Grab a Crab Abreeza a few times before and we do enjoy their delicious food and the friendly service of their staff especially Ms. Sheryl (if I remember her name right).

We get to visit their new Davao branch this time as part of the Abreeza food tour.

These are the delicious and mouth watering food that were served during the said food trip!


Grab a Crab Abreeza Mall Davao

Shanghai Szechuan Crab (sauteed in a Grab a Crab signature Szechuan sauce – sweet, spicy and gingerly) and Hot Garlic Crab (sauteed in butter, garlic and pepper)
Grab a Crab Abreeza Mall Davao


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New York’s Finest

A few days ago while the boys were busy trying to convince me to buy something like this new york swing sets which are sold at the lowest price of the season. I got hungry while listening to them talking in the sofa behind me.

Well I really wish we can buy one especially the Dream or Fantasy Tree House set or maybe they can have something like that in the little boy’s school. But in reality now I can only afford to buy them New York Finest pizza from the Yellow Cab.

And here it was..

New York's Finest pizza Yellow Cab

This is my boy’s favorite from Yellow Cab which happens to be one of their bestselling pizza too.

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