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Banana Cue (Banana-Q)

Banana Cue (Banana-Q) was my delicious and sweet afternoon snack a few days ago. This is usually made with skewered banana that is fried and coated with caramelized brown sugar. This is a very common and popular Filipino street food and a favorite afternoon snack. It is one of the more affordable snacks that we can find easily in various places around the streets in the city. The better way of doing the banana cue is to fill it in with langka or jack fruit. Yummy!

These were sold at six pesos per stick. I bought two and it filled and satisfied my hungry tummy for that afternoon. For only P12, this WAHM was already full and ready to go back to work.

Found What I Have Been Looking For

I was delighted that I found what I have been looking for yesterday as I went to one of my fave place to have lunch where they cook delicious home made dishes. I have been looking for a good home-made shrimp paste from a supplier that I know. My prayer was answered when I went there for lunch after I did a quick look for a yamaha portable keyboard that gives you high quality music at one of the stores in the nearest mall.

I immediately saw the bottles of newly made shrimp paste on display for sale at the counter. The ones I have seen in the market makes me think twice of buying. I have scouted in other supermarkets same thing. Then out of the blue, I found this which they said they just made. I pray if it is as good as the sample they gave me for a taste test. I will try adding this to our veggie dish at home or just eat it as a dip or side dish. Finding this brightened up my day. I hope it’s really good.

Sizzling Squid at Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie in Abreeza

Sizzling Squid at Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie in Abreeza

Sizzling Squid at Hukad Sa Golden Cowrie in Abreeza

We first tasted this sizzling seafood dish during my family New Year 2014 gathering at the Hukad branch at the Annex in SM City Davao. My second elder sister treated the whole family and we’re blessed to have her treat us as usual. I tried to taste all the dishes she ordered for us. This sizzling squid sisig was among those that caught the attention of my taste buds. I loved the one they served us. I wanted more. My hubby and sisters liked it too.

So when we went to Hukad in Abreeza yesterday, I suggested to the hubby that we order this instead of the usual orders we have. It was creamier and had more sauce than the one we tried in their branch at SMCD Annex. I liked the first one but this one was also good on its own. It’s delicious! Good thing too that the hubby is no longer allergic to this and other seafood. We will try this same dish again at their SM Lanang branch. Let’s see which branch cook it best to our taste.

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