Boyd’s Pizza House – The Garlic Bread House

We are both pizza lovers so once in awhile we would go out for pizza. Months ago my former office mate Christian asked me if I have tried this pizza place in Obrero called Boyd’s. Of course not and I have not heard before pf Boyd’s Pizza House The Garlic Bread House. I was then not sure if I wanna try the place out though they were said to serve pizza. So more than a month after that, on the evening of my birthday actually, H and I decided to try out the place. Oh my when we got there it was closed as it was Sunday evening. We were quite disappointed since we wanted to were really up to eating pizza then. So we went to another place instead. But after more than a week, we went back this time on a Tuesday evening and before that we called the place to make sure they are really open.

Boyds Pizza House - Garlic Bread House, Davao City entrance

We have been there thrice already counting the first time on a Sunday when they are closed. The photo above was taken last Saturday when we were up for a late lunch and craving for pizza. While this one below was taken during our second visit but first time to actually eat. The place is just casual not really fancy and more of homey atmosphere. They opened in Davao July 2007. So they already celebrated their first year anniversary.

Boyds Pizza House - Garlic Bread House, Davao City entrance

But I have to say their food is delicious! More like home made pizza! Our fave and the pizza recommended by the waiter the first we went there was their Meaty Jeff Special. Fir time we ordered double size with eight (8) slices but the second time we ordered just the solo with six (6) slices coz we think it is too much for us the first time around. They have other choices for pizza like Pepperoni and Cheese, Beef & Mushroom, Johan’s Special, Vegies-Vegies, Smoked Ham & Onion, Tropical Delight, and Italian Sausage.

Boyds Pizza House - Garlic Bread House: double Meaty Jeff Special

Boyds Pizza House - Garlic Bread House: Meaty Jeff Special

Then we ordered as usual their Isaac’s Pasta (since they do not serve my fave carbonara) which is penne in white sauce and roasted chicken and mushroom. But then I noticed there is no roasted chicken in it. But it is delicious! I’m not a garlic bread lover but I ate their garlic bread in a snap lol! Just kidding but it is also yummy!

Boyd's Pizza House - Garlic Bread House: Isaacs Pasta with Garlic Bread

(click photos below to enlarge)

Boyd's Pizza House - Garlic Bread House: Isaacs Pasta with Garlic Bread Boyd's Pizza House - Garlic Bread House: Isaacs Pasta with Garlic Bread

Last weekend, H tried their Jed’s Juicy Burger with Cheese (P99). It was delicious and juicy indeed! Taste like our all-time fave Space cheese burger. Aha! Another addition to our fave in Boyd’s!

Boyds Pizza House - Garlic Bread House: Jeds Juicy Burger with Cheese

Then for Garlic Bread lovers they have Garlic Loaf Bread at P65. The last time we were there it was at P60.

Boyd's Pizza House - Garlic Bread House: Garlic Loaf Bread (P65)

Boyds Pizza House - Garlic Bread House, Davao City Boyds Pizza House - Garlic Bread House, Davao City

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13 thoughts on “Boyd’s Pizza House – The Garlic Bread House”

  1. Me with mon, already been there, we ordered Meaty Jeff Special Pizzza and Isaac Pasta with Bottomless Ice Tea.. Food was so Amazingly delicious. A must to taste! 🙂

  2. maybe but not all the time. sa Pico, maraming times din na ok na lang kahit sunog na yung ilalim ! sorry boycott na namin ang picobello kasi yung feeling head waiter nila dun feeling mas magaling pa sya sa manager nila na babae. unless he is the owner but that makes it more disappointing how he treated us alam naman cgro nya madalas kami dun. the manager and one of the other waiters gave us a table tapos pinaalis nya kami nagalit pa sa amin why we took the table. of course two of their people gave us that table he has no right na sa amin nya ipalabas yung galit nya sa manager nya by telling us that the manager does not know pati na rin yung kasama nya na waiter na nauna bumigay ng table na yun sa amin. ok lang sana if he told us with good manners and politely that the table has already been reserved. but the table has no reserved sign in it like the way they usually do. mali naman na wala palang reserved sign, binigay sa amin ang table ng manager at isa nyang kasama tapos kami pagalitan nya ng ganun. the tone of his voice was really disappointing for him to treat frequent customers like us.

    am sorry but we used to be regular customers dun kaso lang bastos yung snabero na waiter na yun (sayang di ko nakuha yung name nya). matagal na sya dun at di sya namamansin sa mga customers na dumadating dun kasama na kami. for me being busy is no reason for waiters not to tell those customers they see waiting at the door to kindly wait. he will just look at you while he passes by. ilang beses sya dadaan pero wala. sya lang naman feeling more than the manager. pero mabait yung manager sa amin. baka may galit sya sa manager that time who took a break ata tapos sa amin nya binuntong yung galit nya. tama ba yun?

    sayang nga babalik lang kami dun if wala na yung waiter na yun dun.

  3. i think you’re referring to EJ, ung waiter nila.. Ganun un kasi pamangkin xa ng may ari. Pero he doesn’t have the right to act that way.

  4. the owner of boyds seems related to the old hulsey pizza (i think maybe sibling/s of the owner of hulsey). If i recall correctly, I think i saw them more than once in hulsey before.

    the pizza isn’t as good as it was before (or maybe its just because there have been lots of pizza places in Davao lately and they just taste better IMO).

    last time I went there was about a week after we ate at Italian Job Pizzeria (in Camus st, near Sampaguita Inn). I guess I was just comparing the two and Boyd’s didn’t taste as good as it was the last time.

    although I still very much like their garlic bread

  5. i think this pizza house was originally from kidapawan… i can remember the times we were having snacks in their place located near boyaks before they transferred here in davao..many kidapawenos miss their food for it was one of the best in kidapawan..unta mubalik sila didto or muopen sila balik with another branch.. calling the owner’s attention..

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