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Tealoca Milk & Teas Opens 3rd Branch in Davao at Tionko Street

20150219_180008-1Tealoca Milk & Teas Opens 3rd Branch in Davao at Tionko Street


 Tealoca with its tagline “Endless Tea Possibilities” has opened another branch, its third branch in the city, last February 18, 2015 that is very accessible most of the time.


If you are familiar with Tea Amo that closed that is exactly the place where Tealoca opened in Tionko Street near Central Bank.

20150224_201352They do have an alfresco area for customers who want to enjoy their milk tea outdoors.



Tealoca opened its first branch in Gaisano Mall of Davao at the 4th floor beside Razon’s and  near the GMall Cinemas. The second branch opened in Abreeza Mall in May 2012 at the 3rd floor near Soul and Mags. I have never been to their Gaisano Mall branch though we often pass by that area then and now. We have tried their Abreeza branch at least a couple of times before.

Now it’s different as we welcome the opening of this latest branch and we’re delighted to have a new place to enjoy refreshing cold drinks and iced milk teas especially that summer is almost here! We can beat the summer heat and enjoy our fave milk teas be it iced, blended or even hot if you prefer.

We visited them the day after they opened.


Do you love Tealoca? We are loving their milk teas so far and this new place to hang out especially when it is quiet.

My dear little guy had their dark chocolate mousse…

IMG_20150219_185509Dark Chocolate White Mousse blended & their original milk tea with pearls.

One of the owners let us try this on our first visit…

IMG_20150219_184520Green tea cake with red bean filling that tasted good. Thank you Tealoca!

They also serve food like these strawberry and caramel cups to pair with your fave milk teas.


They also have baked macaroni (P75).


They also have oatmeal cookies, packed cassava chips in sour cream and barbeque flavors.

They also serve Steuarts Tea from Sri Lanka which is the second largest exporter of tea in the world.


They are having an opening promo where you can get one FREE original milk tea with tapioca pearls as sinker for any drink of your choice that you buy.


So when we bought two drinks on our next visit, we got two free original milk tea with pearls too.

IMG_20150226_161451Buy 1 get 1 free promo until February 28, 2015.


Here are some of the drinks we’ve tried…

IMG_20150226_155539-1Dark Chocolate blended, a new fave of mine and my dear little guy.

IMG_20150226_160413Passion Fruit Lemon with Basil Special Fruit Tea

IMG_20150224_161838-1They also have waffles (P75) that kids can enjoy.

If you pull them apart, they make heart-shaped waffles.


They were also serving a bowl of cheese balls to their customers… a yummy and cheesy treat!


By the way, they are serving a few choices of rice meals for lunch and dinner in their Tionko branch.


They can also accommodate reservations for meetings, small parties as they have a sliding door that can close this section for that purpose.


The Tionko branch is open Mondays to Saturdays from 10AM to 10PM. By the way, they are now closed on Sundays since it is still usually quiet around this area on that day.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mytealoca
Website: http://www.tealoca.com.ph

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