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Where is Confex & Co. Bake House?

I have been asked many times this question: Where is Confex & Co. Bake House located?

Where is Confex & Co. Bake House? - DavaoFoodTripS.com

Photos by DavaoFoodTripS.com | All rights reserved

It is this little shop as they call it shown in the photo above where you can get these Freak Shakes…

You have been probably seeing these shakes in photos from friends and other people posted in Instagram and Facebook which is trending lately since people wanna try what’s new in the Davao food scene.

Check out this photo below and read the caption for directions to locate Confex & Co Bakehouse. Continue reading

Red Velvet Cake at Confex & Co. Bake Shop

Photo by DavaoFoodTrips.com | All rights reserved

I am not really into red velvet cakes but this one we tried was good!

Why am I surprised that they sell this for only P60 per slice? Hey wait I am not saying they increase the price but I do wish they keep the prices affordable. *wink*

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