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Ana Banana Davao Banana Loaf at Faregrounds Food Hall + Mart


Ana Banana Davao Banana Loaf at Faregrounds Food Hall + Mart

Now Ana Banana’s banana loaf – in plain and in chocolate chips flavor – are available in the newly opened Faregrounds Food Hall + Mart at Door 3 Coral Quay Building in V. Mapa Street, Davao City.  It is just right across Davao Christian High School Mapa Campus.


As of yesterday, they are also available per slice at P25. You can eat it inside. As courtesy, order drinks inside as there are milk teas, and even sundae as well. Try the bubble tea sundae while you are there.

The banana loaf is best consumed within three (3) days. Best eaten when freshly from the ref.  The thing with us most of the time is that once we open it, it does not reach even 3 days.  Often in a day or less, depending on mine or my boys’ appetite, the loaf is all gone.  Consumed… eaten… enjoyed!  We used buy the banana loaf at a known local bakeshop. It has been quite awhile since I bought one until I tasted and started buying from now on from @AnaBanana.Davao.

Introductory prices are as follows till March 31, 2019 only:

Plain banana loaf – P150
Banana loaf with chocolate chips – P150
Banana loaf with oatmeal & raisins – P170
Banana loaf with  walnuts – P170

March Special flavor: Banana loaf with peanut butter &
roasted cashews – P200

There is another new special flavor for April and you will know what  is new in the banana loaf for next month.

Regular prices for the Banana Loaf will start on April 01, 2019.

As a customer, we just need to earn and save more, to buy more. Hoarding good for a month’s supply even crossed my mind.  But since the product is best consumed within 3 days, ideally that’s not a good thing to do. Plus my hubby seriously told me to diet as I was slicing the choco chip banana loaf after dinner last night.  Tears welled up in both my eyes.  He thinks it’s funny. I am not kidding. 🙂


My little guy and I have their choco chip variety as our fave so far.

Anyway… for inquiries and orders:

You can send them a private message to @AnaBanana.Davao on Instagram and Facebook.

You can contact them also through mobile phone numbers:
0933 451 7617   or   0905 557 7002.

You can email them too at anabananadavao@gmail.com.

#supportlocal #trylocal #womenentrepreneurs


Honey Dipped Banana Chips… Bananas from Mindanao

Honey Dipped Banana Chips… Made of Bananas from Mindanao

I found these banana chips made from bananas from Mindanao. I like it and I would like to think I am having a healthier snack when I eat this compared to other packed snack foods otherwise called junk food.

L’s Banana Chips has the natural sweetness of honey on thinly-sliced Philippine cardava bananas. This health snack alternative is exported around the world and has received two international awards for quality. Commended for its natural taste and innate health advantages, L’s Banana Chips is hale and hearty snack that has been exported to over 17 countries worldwide.

I liked banana chips and when I used to travel to provinces years back when one of my former companies I was working for would send me to places where they produce banana chips, I would always buy this as pasalubong and for my own consumption as well.

Banana has been a part of our afternoon snacks especially during weekends and summer vacation time. My dad used to make banana chips and my mommy would also often cook banana at home when we were growing up since we had our own few banana trees at our lot next to the house. No need to buy from the market. So these banana chips bring back memories of many summer time ago.

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