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An Ode to Thai Culinary Journey at Marco Polo Davao

Marco Polo Davao brings another Southeast Asian flavor to Café Marco as they open the Thai Food Festival happening this coming June 30, 2017 with guest Chef Baupha from Marco Polo Prince Hotel in Hong Kong. The festival of flavors will run for one week from June 30 to July 6 and will showcase some of Thailand’s signature dishes.

Chef Nontra-Udon Baupha, a Thai national, will be bringing with him 38 years of culinary experience in Thai cuisine. He is currently with the Marco Polo Prince Hotel but has worked for various hotels and restaurants both in Thailand and Hong Kong such as Imperial Hotel (Thailand), Tip Top Thai Restaurant (Thailand) and Supapra’s Thai Restaurant (Hong Kong).

Some of items that guests can enjoy include Tom Yam Kung, Phad Thai, Thai chicken rice, Mango sticky rice and rich flavors of Thai grilled seafood items.  The food festival will open on the evening of June 30 but will run on both lunch and dinner service thereafter.

Diners can enjoy this authentic Thai buffet at Php1,500 per person. Reservations can be made through phone at (82) 221 0888.


Café Marco Celebrates Philippine Independence With A Salute to Filipino Culture and Cuisine

Marco Polo Davao’s Café Marco celebrates our 119th Philippine Independence with a salute to Filipino culture and cuisine this week from June 12 to 17, 2017.


Cafe Marco Marco Polo Davao 1 June 12, 2017

Cafe Marco Marco Polo Davao 2 June 12, 2017

Cafe Marco Marco Polo Davao 7 June 12, 2017

A festive lunch buffet and dinner buffet awaits you at the hotel’s resto in the heart of Davao which offers your favorite Filipino dishes and for  some of us let you explore, experience and discover new tastes from those new dishes.  

Cafe Marco Marco Polo Davao 6 June 12, 2017

Last night’s Independence Day dinner with influencers from DDI and media friends was fun and interesting as Marco Polo Davao celebrated the country’s national day.

IMG_20170612_182026The halo halo station blended well with the theme’s decorations.

IMG_20170612_182408They also have a variety of Filipino salads for you who are into healthy-eating while in a buffet!

IMG_20170612_235804_480The Kari Imperial above was like a special Filipino chicken curry version that is definitely not your ordinary curry dish which really made me happy!


Lengua Estofado among other Filipino cuisine dishes served in huge clay pots spread in a section of the buffet.

IMG_20170613_191822_902They also had Adobo Pizza for you to try!

IMG_20170613_230927_472They do have a live cooking station in the buffet where you can specifically choose the ingredients for your sisig that they will cook!

Now forgive me but this is my fave part of the buffet!


The festive Filipino dessert buffet spread was colorful and delicious!



Mostly Filipino inspired desserts awaits you at this section. My fave actually in any kind of buffet. *wink*


These Filipino desserts – Ube Halaya, turon, and all-time fave leche flan – which were specially served on our table were delicious!

IMG_1497278082404Influencers & media friends with Ms. Sarah & Ms. Dottie of Marco Polo Davao who were dressed for the special occasion and celebration!

After a sumptuous dinner with friends at Cafe Marco, Restaurants, Bars and Events Manager Maam Chel Galang Yabut had a short cooking demo.

Cafe Marco Marco Polo Davao 5 June 12, 2017She is also a food historian, blogger, recipe and culinary director – put on the toque and showed us how to cook the Tagalong Ensaladang Talong and Pancit Pusit ni Asiong with Executive Chef Alex Destriza along her side.

Cafe Marco Marco Polo Davao 4 June 12, 2017


The ever friendly and smiling Executive Chef Alex Destriza and Maam Chel Galang Yabut showed off their Favorite Filipino Cuisine dish featured in Cafe Marco – Pancit Pusit ni Asiong.

Those were some of the traditonal recipes of the Tagalogs from Southern Luzon brought to the heart of Davao for us to have an interesting feel on our Independence week celebration at Marco Polo.

Cafe Marco Marco Polo Davao 3 June 12, 2017Marco Polo Davao General Manager Dottie Wurgler-Cronin, Restaurants, Bars and Events Manager Chel Yabut and Executive Chef Alex Destriza.

“Celebrating our country’s national day or Araw ng Kalayaan is very timely and important in our times today. Food is a representation of our freedom and culture as Filipino from where you can taste the influence of Spanish, American, Japanese and Southeast Asian countries. Filipino not becoming globally recognized to be truly appetizing and sumptuous,” says General Manager Dottie Wurgler-Cronin.

Grateful to to Ms. Sarah and Ms. Dottie of Marco Polo Davao for inviting me to this wonderful celebration!

Dining guests can enjoy their favorite Filipino dishes like Kare-kare, Kaldereta, Mechado, Sinigang, Afriatada, Pinakbet, Adobo and sizzling Sisig for Php799 nett for lunch buffet and Php1,100 nett for dinner buffet. Let’s celebrate out independence the foodie way all week long at Marco Polo Davao!

For you inquiries and reservations, you may call 221 0888 local 7302 or message Marco Polo Davao on Facebook at

A Little Burger Party at Space Burger Bajada and Damosa Gateway

A recent visit with hubby and some friends to Space Burger Bajada fronting SSS office in Davao and near Save More Bajada brought back memories.

IMG_20170601_180823Space Burger Bajada branch in front of SSS

I remember those days when we somehow regularly patronized Space Burger branches in Ilustre, Gaisano Mall, Damosa Gateway and even the ones they have in SM Davao Ecoland and NCCC Mall whenever we can way back then.

During those days, hubby and I usually have Space Burger as a treat on our dates that we both look forward to whether we were then watching movies in the cinemas, doing grocery errand or simply malling.

IMG_20170601_191245When I eat burger, it is always nice to have an ice cold Coca Cola!

While we may have different preferences at times when it comes to food then, we do both agreed that Space Burger patties are one of the best we’ve tasted in the city… an original old fave burger patty.  I know many of you, especially those of our age group and our generation who can relate, will agree.

We had a little burger party with friends who also love Space Burger when we visited the Space Burger branch near SaveMore and in front of SSS Bajada. Check it out below…

It was a cheesy kind of night as we had a treat of extra cheese on our burgers! Actually, my hubby and I would usually order their Space Cheese Burger during our visits then to any of their branches around the city.

Now some of their branches offer combo meals.  Visit the Space Burger Bajada and Damosa Gateway branches which offers combo meals: namely STAR, MOON and SKY.  Each of their combo meals comes with fries and a drink.


They also have the ULTIMATE Cheeseburger Meal for only P155!


By the way, if you love their Ultimate Cheeseburger meal I have an ongoing little giveaway to our Instagram followers.  Check it out! 🙂

JOIN #2 GIVEAWAY treat: *Extended to June 30. Tag 2 friends.* . . .

Tell us what’s your fave burger at Space Burger in the comments below this Instagram post only.

Our old time fave was simply the Space Cheese Burger then.? With additional cheese. What about you?

We will choose one Instagram follower on June 30, 2017 Friday from those who joined below only. He/she will get one Space Burger ULTIMATE Cheeseburger Meal (served with fries and drink) treat from us @DavaoFoodTrip at their Bajada SSS branch. Tell your friends to join!

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