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Four Seasons

Four Seasons juice Gerrys Grill Abreeza Mall Davao

The heat of summer 2012 can make anyone so thirsty and long for a cold refreshing drink that is also healthy and nutritious. What a treat it is to cool one’s body after being out in the sun than to drink this delightful and delicious four seasons juice made of a combination of fresh fruit juices topped with cherry and a slice of orange. Cheers to this refreshing drink to all thirsty food trippers out there!

Thirsty Juices and Shakes The Healthy Way

Rather than having coffee, most of the time recently I would buy from Thirsty Juices and Shakes: The Healthy Way in their stall in the food court of Abreeza Ayala Mall Davao if ever we are there. Getting those natural vitamins and minerals fresh from fruits and veggies is probably one of the simplest and best skin care one can do for those who opt for natural means of making their skin and body healthy. Continue reading


I once again found this Fruit of the Earth Calamansinade fresh calamansi drink in the shelf in the grocery the last time we went to one of the malls nearby. This is said to be all natural calamansi which is I just found out is also called as Calamondin by other people. I actually first tried it in one of the local restaurants we dined before and if I am not mistaken it was at Grub Resto Cafe.

I started feeling sick a few days ago and so I drank a bottle of it by myself. It said there is no side effects when taken in excess. I just need a boost of Vitamins C to fight this colds I have now. While hubby may need vitamins too, I might as well have him drink this natural calamansi drink which is said to enhance immunity from diseases.

I’ll try to post a picture I have taken of this before. This calamansinade is only locally made in Ladislawa Village here in the city. i think you can order by box and it’s cheaper in price compared to the price it sells in the grocery.

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