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Breakfast at Paradise Island Beach Resort

Our kind and generous classmate, Jess who was leaving for Manila and then going back to Chicago, USA, yesterday treated us to breakfast at Paradise Island Resort in Samal (IGaCOS). Since he was leaving yesterday 7PM, he gave us his last treat. His niece from Chicago followed us there along with her two cousins and Jess’ brother.

Paradise served the food we ordered about an hour after. But then the food was good and kind of worth the wait as we were so hungry by the time it was served. We came from a shoot with our teacher Eugene Lara at the David’s Edge. It was a totally wholesome shoot. H and I were kind of late for the 5AM shoot schedule since he came from work while I got a hard time looking for taxi to bring me there. It was a Monday – a school and work day plus the first day of the week so it was busy on the streets already by the time I got out of the house. H had to fetch me somewhere in Matina.

Going back to our food trip, we had another classmate with us, Lance from Norway, He ordered a Mango Shake which he said was delicious!

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La Toscana Italian Bar & Restaurant

We had our food trip at La Toscana Italian Bar & Restaurant last night, finally after months of postponement, after we had a tour and photo shoot around People’s Park. 🙂 This little cozy Italian restaurant is located at Door 2 Dacudao Bldg., E. Quirino St., Davao City just beside BDO.

La Toscana Italian Bar & Restaurant - Pizzeria Ristorante Italiano

We rode a taxi from People’s Park as H said it is quite far if we just walk. Well I just had a fever that afternoon so I think it is unwise to walk too going to La Toscana if I still wanna enjoy the food trip. You won’t miss it as you will see this blue signage Pizzeria Ristorante Italiano hanging outside.

La Toscana Italian Bar & Restaurant - Pizzeria Ristorante Italiano

We immediately went inside excited to see what the place really looks like coz we have been searching online for photos of the place but we found nothing much. Anyway, there were only a few people inside. An Italian couple in a table near the entrance door and on the table next to them were two ladies with a girl. One of the ladies looks familiar aha she is from the same alma mater in college. I wanted to sit on the table for two near the entrance where we can see outside but H chose the table for two near the counter where actually the comfort room is just behind us. Well I realized that he chose the better place as we got better and closer shots. 🙂 Look how nice and cozy the place is! Notice those different kinds of uncooked pasta that they hang on strings above the counter? I did not notice that at first until I looked at this photo below. Nice idea and apt for the resto since they serve Italian pasta dishes!

La Toscana Italian Bar & Restaurant - Inside Counter Cashier

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