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1. Chicken sa McDo, Jollibee, or KFC?

:: I’m more for McDo but KFC for gravy + mashed potatoes Van. πŸ™‚

2. Pepsi, Coke, or rootbeer?

:: Coke Zero or Coke Light!

3. Greenwich, Pizza Hut, or Yellow Cab?

:: Pizza Hut and yellow cab! Greenwich too thin and expensive not that tasty.

4. Adobo, sinigang, or nilaga?

:: Adobo.

5. Beef, pork, or chicken?

:: Pork or chicken πŸ™‚

6. Starbucks, Coffee bean and tea leaf, or Gloria Jean’s?

:: Starbucks! Continue reading

Breakfast at Paradise Island Beach Resort

Our kind and generous classmate, Jess who was leaving for Manila and then going back to Chicago, USA, yesterday treated us to breakfast at Paradise Island Resort in Samal (IGaCOS). Since he was leaving yesterday 7PM, he gave us his last treat. His niece from Chicago followed us there along with her two cousins and Jess’ brother.

Paradise served the food we ordered about an hour after. But then the food was good and kind of worth the wait as we were so hungry by the time it was served. We came from a shoot with our teacher Eugene Lara at the David’s Edge. It was a totally wholesome shoot. H and I were kind of late for the 5AM shoot schedule since he came from work while I got a hard time looking for taxi to bring me there. It was a Monday – a school and work day plus the first day of the week so it was busy on the streets already by the time I got out of the house. H had to fetch me somewhere in Matina.

Going back to our food trip, we had another classmate with us, Lance from Norway, He ordered a Mango Shake which he said was delicious!

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