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After dining at the French restaurant in town called Bon Appetit Le Bistro at The Peak about a week ago for the first time with my boys and that was a dinner we really enjoyed imagining even for a night that we’re off somewhere outside the country. My thoughts last night were on travelling outside for a food trip in another country perhaps in UK where my sister is living now. Yes it has been my dream for the past few years to visit and travel to my sister place. Yes we’re free to dream and we should be happy about it.

Anyway going back, we decided to go Italian this time. But since we have been busy and we have yet to wait for the next time for that dinner date out at a restaurant in town that serves Italian inspired dishes, we decided for a start to cook something Italian instead at home. We tried a pasta I have not tried from my fave San Remo… Trivelle pasta.

San Remo Trivelle pasta

A different version of the all time favourite Spirals, Trivelle is a slightly smaller, more delicate shape with a slightly different twist. Use with delicate sauces or in pasta salads or bakes.

Our pasta dish was just very simple to prepare. The Trivelle pasta was cooked as per instructions. When it is ready to be mixed with the other ingredients, I just prefer to add LC mayonnaise and a little condense milk. I opted to add less of each this time. As simple as possible, less sinful if possible. You know pasta can be heavy on one’s diet. I remember a restaurant owner once told me this is only good for the young and not for the once young anymore. Yes in as much as I love pasta since I was so young, I have learned the need to control and lessen my intake of pasta in my diet for health reasons of course.

Next time we will try a different pasta whichever our little boy chooses to try next time for us to cook with his help since he said he wants to be a chef.

Spicy Curry

I love this spicy curry we tried at the newly opened resto Banana Leaf Curry House at SM Lanang… When we went to Little Nyonya on our first visit, I got to taste the curry sauce they use for some of their dishes there and I love it too. My love for curry was revived since then. I have long been a curry lover since I first tasted my first curry dish way back in high school I think. Curry chicken to be exact. I have tried cooking curry chicken a few time before and I’d love to try more curry dishes now. Continue reading

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